Glass-aluminium railing system

It is possible to make very different railings from glass and aluminium, therefore suitable solution can be found even for the most demanding taste. Glass-aluminium railing is modern, airy and almost maintenance-free. That kind of modern balcony railings are not only meant for the new buildings, but it is ideal solution also for renovating the older buildings.


Profiles. Constructions of the balcony railings are made of aluminium profiles and powder coated according to the RAL catalogue. Standard colors are white RAL9010, dark brown RAL8019 and dark grey RAL7016. Railing posts are in two sizes – 70×30 mm and 50×30 mm. There are 3 types of handrails:

  • Type 1 – handrail width 61 mm or 81 mm;
  • Type 2 – handrail, where the glass is fixed in the rabbets of the glass profile (78 mm or 98 mm);
  • Type 3 – handrail, which also has aprotruding windowsill and there is a possibility to fix the glass inside and outside of the railing.

Glasses. Mostly is used 6 mm and 8 mm tempered, 4+4 mm laminated or 4+4 mm tempered and laminated glass in the railing system. Variety of glass tones is wide: clear, mat, colored, toned, laminated (different colors) and silk-printed glasses, moreover glasses with patterns.

Technical data

It is possible to make a lot of different solutions from the profiles in the portfolio of Malmerk Klaasium, because there arevarious combinations of the glass placement, the placement of profiles as well as mounting possibilities of the railing. It is a matter of style how the glass is placed according to the handrail of the railing and floor of the balcony. Glass can be located out- or inside of the balcony and it can be fixed in the rabbets of the handrail as well as in the separate glass profile. Every glass can be replaced separately and the glass is fixed against the profile by the sealant.

It is possible to mount the frame construction of the railing on top of the parapet of the balcony (with steel brackets) as well as in front of it (with aluminium brackets). Usually height of the handrail from the floor is 1000-1100 mm. The maximum permissible distance between posts is 1200 mm.

In addition, in the portfolio is also railing with the clamp fixing, where glass is fixed with clamps between the posts.klaasiklamber That kind of solution gives a possibility to use up to 12 mm thick glass. It is possible to make this type of railing also without a handrail.