Frameless terrace glazing

The product is identical to the balcony glazing system and is comprised of an upper and lower steering profile with glass panels equipped with horizontal rollers in between. The construction of the horizontal rollers and profiles allows the glass panels to be moved one after another. The glass panel in the end opens to the inside at a 90 degree angle, the next panel moves to its place and opens in the same manner. The end result is that the glass panels can be opened against the wall like the pages of a book, and the entire terrace is opened.

Materials and technical data

section_klm10Such system comprises of 500–700 mm wide glass panels. Terraces are glazed with 8 or 10 mm thick tempered glass with ground edges which in case of breaking fall into granules. The latter are safe and do not cause any damages. It is possible to choose between clear – transparent and tinted glass. Such terrace glazing system can be used for the glazing of straight terraces, terraces with different size corners as well as rounded terracesA great advantage of the system is that in case of corner terraces it is possible to slide glass panels also over the corner.

Since the system lacks vertical profiles, it hardly changes the building’s facade. Lack of frames does not withhold light coming to the terrace. As single glass is used, it is deemed to be a “cold” system, but nonetheless it maintains warmth and coziness on terraces at any time of the year. Upon request with straight terraces, the lower guide profile (44×50 mm) can be sunk into the floor so that it will not be above the floor surface.


klm-terrass-11 klm-terrass-12 klm-terrass-13


Standard locking for the frameless terrace glazing system is lower latch and upper children safety lock. Often there is a need to open the system also from outside, therefore, as an alternative, first glass can be turned to a glass door by a lock with a handle (either with a key or with a button). It is possible to add handles (buttons) to every glass in order to be able to move glasses easily.