Rod railing

Rod railing is widely used in Scandinavia and because of high demand we have added it to our product range. It isaluminium railing that require hardly any special maintenance and is easy to mount. There is no glass used for that type of railing but nevertheless it is possible to construct many different solutions by changing location of rods and posts in relation to the handrail and concrete of the balcony.

Material and technical data

Rod railings are produced by aluminium profiles which are powder coated according to the RAL catalogue. Standard tones are white RAL9010, dark brown RAL8019 and dark grey RAL7916. Rod railing is made of 20×20 mm vertical square tubes. There are two sizes of the railing posts – 70×30 mm and 50×30 mm, based on these, width of the handrail is 81 mm or 61 mm.

It is possible to mount the frame construction of the railing on top of the parapet of the balcony (with steel brackets) as well as in front of it (with aluminium brackets). Rods can be either in- or outside the balcony. Standard (maximum) distance between rods is 100 mm. Usually height of the handrail from the floor is 1000-1100 mm. The maximum permissible distance between posts is 1200 mm.