Fully openable balcony glazing system

At the end of 2012, our partner launched a new and improved balcony glazing system, CE-certified. It is the only balcony glass system developed and designed in Estonia, which is supplemented according to local needs.

Convenient and practical

Glazed balcony is a great place to spend time with your friends and family throughout a year. Balcony glazing system is suitable for balconies of almost all shapes and sizes. Frameless glazing increases your home’s value and appearance. Also, it protects your balcony from rain, snow, wind and dirt. As that kind of system does not have vertical profiles, it does not change the look of the building’s facade. Instead, it gives a final finish for the balcony. This is a clear advantage for users and for the architecture of the building.

Find new possibilities for usage

Protected balcony is a safe place to play for children and pets. It can be used as a relaxing place to make homework and cultivate different hobbies. Glazed balcony is also an ideal place for growing herbs and flowers.

Easy to use and maintain

Durable construction of rollers and profiles allows to move glasses between steering profiles one after the other. Outermost glass opens 90 degrees inside, next one moves to its position and opens the same way. The system is very easy to use and the glass panels can also slide over different shape and size corners so the balcony can be completely opened. That makes cleaning safe and easy. The first glass panel can be set into ventilation positions.

Main advantages of the balcony glazing:

  • makes a balcony usable throughout the year;
  • protects the balcony from rain, snow, wind and dirt;
  • reduces noise level on the balcony;
  • makes balcony secure place also for children;
  • raises value and security of the apartment / house;
  • keeps birds away;
  • adds useful space for the home;
  • gives luxury look for the facade.