Stylish Venetian and roller blinds matching the interior design make living more comfortable. It is sensible to order Venetian or roller blinds together with the windows. We recommend using only white venetian blinds with energy conserving window assemblies. You may also select integrated venetian blinds where the cords and regulating mechanisms are hidden in the sash. The interior sash has only a regulating button.
Venetian blind standard colours: glossy white V1; matt white V2; beige V3; light grey V4.

– Protect against gazing strangers
– Blinds securely between the sash
– Regulating mechanisms outside the sash
– Attention! Closed windows have only surface mounted venetian blinds

– Regulating mechanisms integrated between the sash
– Closed blinds have hidden regulating cords
– User friendly – adjustment with one button only
– The inner sash has only one hole for the regulating button

SunSeal Screen roller blind

SunSeal Screen eliminates up to 95% of solar energy without blocking the exterior view and darkening the interiors. The product is intended to effectively reduce the sun’s radiation without excessively reducing the natural light quantity in the room interior.

SunSeal Black Out roller blind

SunSeal Black Out can create up to 100% darkness. The product is intended to effectively darken the interior and efficiently block solar energy escape through the windows. Rolled down blinds create an almost entirely closed to light area between the sash.