The system of frameless glazing is the most popular of all existing glazing systems nowadays. Technically elegant design of these constructions has come to our market in 70-ies from Finland. It is rather expensive and exclusive product. Frameless glazing means balcony’s visible part’s glazing with full glass. It means that glass should be – there is tempered glass used for frameless glazing. It is necessary to strike glass repeatedly with hammer to break it. Even the glass will break, it will drop in small parts. Therefore it is impossible to cut Yourself with them. Function of frameless glazing is protective not insulating. It is an ideal variant for those who does not want to get additional "square meters», for those who does not wish to limit his space with stationary glazed loggia. In this way frameless glazing is the best, what You could know – the shutters can be absolutely opened as if there is no glass; if You close it again, there will be a strong protecting glass barrier: nobody will get into Your house. Using frameless glazing, there will not be warmed loggia, but there will be a pleasant cool in hot days.