Office glass partitions visually expand the space - it is a supplement for interior of any office or trading center. Using the office glass partitions helps to create the trust and easiness in working collective, and also allows to work longer at the daylight. Office glass partitions is possibility for supervisors to be in the separate office, to work in command and to operate the personnel. The glass used for office glass partitions’ production gets sufficient durability thanks to special thermal processing. In case of destruction it does not cause harm to the person (breaks into small splinters, without formation of sharp edges). Modern technologies allow to produce office glass partitions with inserts of colour and decorative glass, with logo drawing, etc. Please explore our main сatalog of glass partitions: Catalog Also there are available catalogs of additional elements for the glass walls and partitions: Tivoli-Gaeta-Catania - panel rails / interpanel seals Roma - door & panel DRM rails AFS - glass fixing elements If You have any questions, our managers are always ready to help you!