The three-chamber system, designed with a groove profiles ferrule in "euro" standard and the groove ferrule used in windows and window doors with PVC profiles. The structural depth of the frame is 52 mm and 60 mm for the wings. The system allows using a wide range of hardware and ease to work. Three-chamber profile provides the element with higher stiffness, thus the construction may be of larger size. Characteristics of system: precise relation to other Ponzio systems; possibility of installing windows and doors into facade systems; the possibility of using hi-tech two components EPDM gaskets with perfect thermal insulation. An aestetic appearance and an ease of assembly; the variety of door leaves; many ways of accomplishment of corner connections: torsion, studding or kneading; two grooves: euro, PVC groove; the construction based on three chamber profiles; fillings: 10-43 mm; Thermal insulation: heat penetration coefficient (for frame) Uf=2,1-2,5 W/m2K .