Three-chamber system with “euro” standard groove and groove used in windows and balcony doors made of PVC or wooden profiles. It is dedicated for constructions with very high thermal requirements. The structural depth of profiles for frames is 78mm, for sashes 86mm. Thanks to multi chamber thermal breaks (42 mm) and two component central gasket we can obtain high thermal insulation. In PE 78N Uf frame heat transfer coefficient equals 1,7 W/m2K. In more insulated version PE78N+, with closed glass chamber, the Uf value equals 1,3 W/m2K. The system allows to use wide range of hardware and ease the mounting. Three-chamber profile construction of PE 78N system, provides large stiffness of profile, which allows accomplishing constructions of large dimensions. Characteristics of system precise relation to other Ponzio systems the possibility of facing window sashes (one plane out side) the possibility od assembling hi-tech two component EPDM gaskets the possibility of bending profiles many ways of accomplishing corner connections