The new S 9000 KombiSystem is 83mm deep and features the advantages of two systems, i.e. the one with a middle gasket, and with a support gasket. The highest thermal insulating power is ensured by a deepened six-chamber structure of the window frame and sash, as well as the gaskets installed on three surfaces. This way, all windows manufactured in the KombiSystem meet the highest requirements. The intelligent design featured in the KombiSystem enables creating elegant and modern windows. Narrow frames and sashes make it possible to create very modern and large-sized glazing. The insulated fitting groove enhances the operation of fitting elements, particularly when external temperatures are very low. More than that, the groove also provides an effective acoustic barrier that protects against typical noises generated in large metropolitan areas and busy streets. A thermal flange, placed under the window frame, further improves the thermal insulting power of an installed window. The entire KombiSystem is compatible with a proven S 8000 IQ plus system. This offers a number of advantages for window manufacturers, as inventory carrying costs are optimised. Characteristics of system: Using the glazing with a thickness 48 mm, glazing coefficient Uf = 0,5, heat penetration coefficient Uf=0.82 W/m2K; The six-chamber structure of the frame and sash ensures good thermal and acoustic insulation; Steels guarantees the required stability of the window; Thanks to using uniform steel in both the frame and sash, S 9000 is a very convincing system. The steel structural section provides an additional seventh chamber inside the window frame, which ensures optimum balance between statics and thermal insulation; The intelligent system of arranging gaskets along 3 (three) surfaces improves the level of thermal insulation (in the standard version, the sash has a clip-on gasket); Thanks to the raised 26mm-high glazing bead and a higher rebate, the deepened seating of the window panel eliminates the generating of thermal bridges at the edge of a windowpane set, and has a positive effect on thermal insulation; The additional gasket installed in the under-window notch provides an effective barrier, against cold air coming from the outside, and has a positive effect on acoustic insulation.