The IGLO ENERGY system it is developed using the most up-to-date materials and advanced technologies in connection with strict requirements of the market. 7-chamber frame and sash profiles made exclusively of prime material in A-class with installation depth 82 mm. Maximal glazing thickness up to 48 mm. Rw = 35-46 dB (depending on applied glass packages). The IGLO ENERGY system is a product with the lowest coefficient of a heat transfer in the market - Ug = 0,6 W/M²K. It is an absolute record for energy- effecient windows and it confirms excellent insulating properties of this system. The innovative system of consolidations is used in these windows to improve energy efficiency. The IGLO ENERGY system is an investment into average quality of the highest level of efficiency. This window which allows to keep heat in each house, irrespective of weather conditions.