KÖMMERLING 76 MD is a modern and best-in-class system of PVC windows and doors. Top quality, measurable energy cost savings, optimum protection against noise, reliable protection against house-breaking and flexibility to create a wide variety of external designs and configurations all go to prove the supremacy of this system. The KÖMMERLING 76 MD window system is the right choice to improve the quality your life KÖMMERLING 76 mm MD features: considerable energy cost savings — new 76 mm system with an inner seal with the highest thermal insulation specifications — Uw coefficient value for a reference window up to 0.73 W/(m2K) offering enhances quality of life thanks to perfect acoustic insulation of up to 48 dB improved security — possibility of using integrated anti-burglary systems (screening systems); RC2 anti-burglary class easy to clean thanks to the robust, top quality surface, resistant to changing weather conditions long window service life superior convenience of use and extraordinary functionality thanks to modern technology the possibility of using innovative aluminium AluClip or AluClip Pro pads KÖMMERLING 76 mm MD system is available in white and decorative veneer in a wide range of colours, with smooth or wood-grain structure.